New for 2017:

2017 ISNR Members now can have FREE access to all recorded videos from the 2008 to 2011 ISNR Annual Conferences, which is over 100 hours of educational content and a value of over $2000!! If you have joined/renewed for 2017, to gain access to this free content, first register as an ISNRU Learner. Once you have, we will notify you when your online access is available, typically within 1 business day.  If you are not already an ISNR member, click here to join ISNR

IMPORTANT NOTE: These free member-only videos are raw footage recorded at the conferences and are provided for interest and/or general educational purposes; as such, there are no CEUs available for this content.

Quality Assurance:

When you take a CE course, how do you know that its content is any good?
Look for independent evaluation of the program, courses, and instructors:

The program:

ISNRU has been evaluated for quality by Biofeedback Certificate International Alliance (BCIA). ISNRU maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

The instructors:

ISNRU’s instructors are recognized as highly competent by their academic and clinical peers who promoted them academically and accepted their publications in high quality, peer reviewed journals.

Besides online classes, we also offer:

Conferences: ISNR organizes an annual conference each year in which key experts gather to discuss crucial issues in neurofeedback.


ISNRU offers high-quality training with CE’s that is easily accessible online for the busy neurofeedback professional practicing at any level.

  • International Scientific Society

    Catering to a diverse membership of professionals.

  • Annual Conference

    Neurofeedback educational programs by experts in various disciplines.

  • Ongoing Professional Development

    Helping members meet yearly training and educational requirements.

  • Expert Level Training and New Developments

    Providing educational opportunities in a non-biased, non-salesmanship environment.

Which course should I take for BCIA Certification?

If you have not had a college level course in anatomy & physiology, you need to take one. Our’s is designed to provide the information people need to perform behavioral interventions.

1. For general biofeedback certification: Take general biofeedback.

2. For neurofeedback: Take EEG Biofeedback A & I.


BCIA is an autonomous nonprofit corporation. BCIA policies and procedures are set by an independent board of directors, comprised of a rotating group of distinguished biofeedback clinicians, researchers, and educators.

Board certification is the mark of distinction for providers of biofeedback and neurofeedback services. Certification is valid for 4 years for providers who carry the credential in Biofeedback and Neurofeedback. Recertification indicates continuous peer review of ethical practice and the acquisition of advanced knowledge of recent developments in the field through required continuing education. Names of certified practitioners may be found on the BCIA website in our Find a Practitioner search function. Visit for more information.