A. Identify current trends such as Z-score training, LORETA Z-score training, etc.

B. Combining neurofeedback with other modalities such as HRV, Respiration, AVS,CES, LENS, HEG, etc.

John earned his Master’s degree in Mental Health counseling in 1994 from Vermont College of Norwich-University. He was licensed by the state of Vermont as a Clinical Mental counselor in 1997; certified by the National Registry of Neurofeedback providers in 1999; joined ISNR in 1999; certified by in by BCIA in EEG in 2002; published "Getting Started with Neurofeedback" in 2005; accredited as a BCIA didactic instructor in 2006. John’s book "Getting Started with Neurofeedback" is required reading for all candidates who are aspiring to become certified by BCIA. He has presented at conferences for ISNR, AAPB, Stress Therapy Solutions, and Future Health. Each year several on-line live webcasts are presented via his company Neurofeedback of Southern VT, LLC including: BCIA didactic training and Getting Started with pEMF/Microtesla. He has assisted hundreds of professionals to add Neurofeedback to their practice and scores of professionals to become BCIA board certified. Current interests: Understanding and interpreting the brain-wave morphology, LORETA mapping and training, Pulsing therapies such as AVE & pEMF and Low Frequency Training.